July 12, 2007

There were heroes like them.....

Ah the good ol' days. I'll admit I didn't discover these gems until long after it ended but at least I can say "This was the way any series should have been done." Many comics of this day take quantity over quality and this is one of the victims. Along with Cassandra Cain , Linda Danvers was a hero in many aspects. They are so simiiar it's scary. Cain and Danvers both had dark influences. They had friends and family who lent them support in their hours' of need (and no not all heroes have that) and, were hated and burned at the stake for "in-the-shadow" reasons. SUPERGIRL VOL 3 was written by Peter David, BATGIRL was wrtiten by Kelly Pucket. Each writers had new characters that could set the world ablaze. Along with Matrix, Linda didn't just save the world, she affected--for better or worse--the lives of everyone that came in contact with her. She had secret indenity but not even the traditional sense, it was more figuring out who she was, WHAT she was and, how to handle the pitfalls. Matrix and Linda were at odds early (being two minds in the same body, what's not to expect.) Their pasts, riddled with mistakes but moving onBut over time they had a sister type relationship, meeting of the minds basically. Buzz was the ever the thorn in their side, working for a cult.

He succeded in seducing Lind, with her joining in illegal things, causing her to throw her fate out the window and everything good. He tried many times after to convert Supergirl to the "dark side" and actually did if not for his timely intervention, hinting something more.

Over time she continued to save lives and meet people and gaining new powers. This is where the buck stopped for many people. Supergirl was one of 3 Earth Born Angels (Comet , Blithe were the others) fought off every demonic thing that came in their way. And she met god, too. This revelations pushed people who loved kyptonian away from the books. After the trio's defeat of the Carnivore, the first vampire, Matrix was ripped away(or out) from/of Linda. So she had Buzz who was depowered as well and Mary Marvel help her search for Matrix. She found Matrix in Amazon, where Matrix was held prisoner by Lilith, mother of all demons, who had also sent Twilight after Supergirl (holding Twilight's sister hostage to keep her under her evil control). Lilith fatally injured Mary Marvel and Twilight, and Linda, but not before Matrix was freed from Lilith's prison. Linda asked Matrix to merge with Twilight, and Twilight became the new Angel of Fire, and used her powers to heal Linda and Mary, and give Linda the powers she had when they had first merged into Supergirl. And just unlike the current Kara, she met Kara Zor-El from the Pre-Crisis timeline.

But Kara's presence in the Post-Crisis era was going to destabilize time. The Spectre appeared and said that Kara was destined to die. Apparently, a cosmic entity called the Fatalist
had altered the timeline for his own amusement, and to vex his master, Xenon (a being with a pathological hatred of Supergirl). Linda secretly took Kara's place, and was sent to the Pre-Crisis era, where she posed as "Kara Zor-El", until the Pre-Crisis Superman uncovered her ruse, and admitted he was in love with her. The two married, and had a daughter, Ariella. Linda even changed her costume. But Linda's very presence had altered the timeline, so Spectre made her return home, not only to restore the timestream but to save Kara from Xenon, who had captured the young Supergirl and planned to kill her.

Linda defeated Xenon, and had to send frightened young Kara back to her universe, knowing Kara, as an adult would eventually die in the crisis on infinite earths. Linda's daughter was spared from being erased from the timeline by the Spectre (Linda informed the Spectre if he didn't save Ariella, she would let the universe die), but Linda was heartbroken over her actions. She learned that her parents had just had a second child, named "Wally" ironically. Linda had one last reunion with her family, before leaving everyone and hanging up her cape. She left a note for Clark and Lois explaining her decision, saying she felt she had let her loved ones down and so she was no longer worthy of wearing the S.

So, by many Krypto's standards, this Supergirl was flawed and they wanted Kara....but Linda isnt gone....Fallen Angel screams "LINDA" at the top of its lungs...Later today my favorite Bat

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