August 21, 2007

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Exiles #96-97: Home Again, parts 2 & 3
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Claton Henry & Steve Scott
Inker:Norman Lee
Colors: Will Quintana

Last issue (#95) showed Heather Hudson leaving the Crystal Palace as Betsy (aka Psylocke) takes her place, Meanwhile the team (Blink, Sabretooh, Morph, SM2099 and, Longshot) heads off to earth-187319, to investgate a world with no villians,un-emotional civilians and a FF that consits of Victor Von Doom, Sue Richards, Johnny Storm and, Robert Bruce Banner. As Psylocke sleeps, she is caught in a n explosion in which variant versions of Marvel heroes and villians fly through the air. While speaking to gods, she's still confused (so am I) on what's going on, the gods explain that time and space are coming apart and the Exiles have to save it

While grapsing that, the team meet this world's version of the FF, the Four Fantastics. They're being watched by the "Mole Man" and She-Hulk. Blink teleports to them, to which doesn't go so well. Morph and Spidey 2099, try to help but "MM" captures Blink while Spidey 2099, webs up She-Hulk but she breaks it and pounds Torch and Hulk. Sabes contains her and asks where ''MM" took Blink, She-Hulk tells him when Reed (as in Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic) decides to tell him. She Hulks wigs out and Sabes questions why. Doom says he and Reed have tangled as offers the team to stay with him, the team notices a group of bystanders cheering for them. Morph walks over to some kids and well turns into a musical box-thing but they're not impressed and walk away.

Blink wakes up surrounded by Ben Grimms, demanding She-Hulk back. Blink jokes while "Ben #1" asks why she isn't scared and she continues to joke. Ben tells her that no one jokes or has fun anymore since Doom took over, erasing it. Comidians and the Marx Sisters and everyone like them have been forgotten and when Doom finds out where Blink's from, he'll conquer, thinking it the rest thing to do.

Meanwhile, back at Doom's buliding, the team tries on the uniforms he's given to them. Morph comments he doesn't need them, Longshot says it feels wrong but Miguel eyes the uni's (aka Spidey 2099) love them and tell his mates that this world feels right to which Sabes and Longshot question the reason they're there at all. Doom thanks them for everything and hopes to bulid a "lasting friendship" which both Miguel and Sabes agree to, while Sue gets friendly with Sabes. Morph says "Isn't that supposed to be Doom's girl?" while Longshot dissapears. Finally, Betsy (aka Psylocke) awakens, feeling she didn't dream that encounter with those gods and as she turns around Kitty Pryde pops up.....And freaks out. while running from Betsy she tries to phase through the wall but can't. Betsty explains to the computer who Kitty is and realizes it's a younger version, Kitty or "Cat" as she prefers to be called calls Betsy "Elsbeth Braddock you're Captain Britannia. but in her world, she's dead. Betsy explains everything to her about different dimensions.

Meanwhile Longshot feels nervous in this world, while Morph tails him. When they talk, Longshot tells Morph the people have no soul, missing emotions. Morphs says that people with those same emotions have caused bad things to happen. Longshot says they can't laugh, Morphs counters with "they don't know how to cry either." And asks if that gives them the right to change it. Longshot says they can't stay there. Blink appears telling them the need to hurry. Morph asks about Sabertooth and Spidey 2099 but Blink says they're in it too deep. Longshot asks her if they can save these people, she says yes but Morph says should they. Miguel (aka Spidey 2099) dances with this world's Gwen Stacy while Sabes "relaxes" with Sue. Later that night, Doom comes by and tells Sue to keep Sabertooth busy while he investigates about the tallus.

At the underground stronghold of Reed Richards, the Exiles find out that on this world, WW3 happened and Doom rose like a hero ending hunger and disease. When people listened to him, they lived in peace but those who resisted him died, disappeared or recruited into his' personal guard. The Four Fantastics invade the stronghold with She-Hulk (now "fixed") belittles Reed for hating Doom because he saved the world. Reed claims his arrogance put the world in the conundrum it's in now. Morphs, tries to attack her but Hulk stops him, saying his cousin was crazy for years but Doom helped her and no one can hurt her for that. Morph knocks him out and says "fixing" her doesn't make it right, while Reed apologizes for what he about to do. Storm shows up, roasting the rebels and talks about it being a team effort. Blink and Longshot move out of harm's way as teleports around Storm saying the Exiles now all about teamwork, beating him. As they round up the evil FF, Morphs asks why do they have to leave,They're winning. Reed says it doesn't atter about the battles, it's the war they have to win as they teleport away. As they do that, Hulk checks in with Doom and says they caught them by surprise but They were a little better than they excepted. Doom says to keep following them. He's amazed by the tallus' technology is fascinating and he can't describe it. One the gauds says they should check in on Miguel and Sabertooth, the former is having dinner with Gwen while the latter is still asleep after his night with Sue. Later Doom hands his team the prototype talluses telling them if they succeed they be remembered with glory, all the while thinking about Reed and how he never had doubts because he'd risk his own life over others. The team succesfully transports to the Crystal Place, while the computers sets off the alarm. Betsy jumps in attacking them head on but wondering how'd they get there. She gets knocked out while the group spot Kitty and one claims he'll look after her, while she smirks. The rest of the team surveys the place realizing it's VERY big and abandoned one poor bastard investigates further and gets knocked out by.....John Proudstar (akaT-Bird)

I am NEVER, NEVER EVER reviewing two issues in one post again. Hand cramp. In not reading Exiles these few months I was worried about Claremont dystroying this team even though he's the man who brought the X-Men franchise to a whole new level. Though that was years ago. Now, his 1st several issues on Exiles I've heard were ok so, I had to see for myself. He's still feeling this team out but from these 2 issues, he's doing an okay job but.....AGAIN with the Doom/Richards struggle, I mean how long are they going to keep doing this? It's annoying to me, I have had it with the FF invading the Exiles' enough already! Other than that, the issue was subpar, not even T-Bird coming back could get me excited. Because he's back in time for that New Excalibur/Exiles crossover. I've always liked Henry's art and it fits in the 1st issue here, Scott's was a downgrade. I love covers as much as the book but they were boring and.....ugh..

Story: (Overall) 2.5/5
Art: Henry 3.5/5, Scott 3/5
Cover: (Overall) 2/5

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