August 22, 2007

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Uncanny X-Men #488: The Extremists, part 2
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Salvador Larroca

The issue starts with Masque, getting Litterbug's venom for infecting humans, Masque needs Skids and Erg to help set the gas bomb up in the train. He tells Bliss to watch Leech, while Skids calls Masque out for nearly killing Caliban, Masque says the reason Caliban part of a bigger plot which is why he isn't dead.

Warpath (T-Bird's older brother), Caliban, Hepzibah and Storm go in the sewers to investigate the Morlocks' former home. At the Xavier Institute, Agent Cooper is looking for Magento and Caliban because he's the key fnding out whereabouts of the Morlocks and Prof X has been giving her the run around. She leaves , calling up a field team to search for him, he reads her mind.

Warapath fights off an alligator who manages to break through one of the wall
s, leading to a new path. When they hit the alley, Caliban takes them to where the explosion happened, to which th e others find out they blew open another area, someone else's quarters reading the scripture which writes them by name.

Back at the Institute, Prof X preps the X-Jet is going to searching for Magneto, while Nightcrawler accompanies him. He's tired of being monitored 24/7 by the O*N*E for their own purposes. Nightcrawler questions this choice of action and Prof X searching for Magento because he couldn't finding him through cerebra. Prof. X relays the report he got (probably) from the Mighty Avengers, that Mags powers have returned. And they'll start with the places he's been in. He's going to probe into the minds of everyone they come across.

Eru asks Skids if she's ok with the plan as she goes into the subway, she says it's for the for the future so she's fine. She gets on the train a puts the bomb in the vent duct, then walks out to the front of train, surfs off (yes surf.) and, triggers the gas bomb. Erg, electrifies the track, melting the wheels, gluing to the trck. Masque appears and Skids asks what bombing the train will help them finding Magneto. Masque says he'll worry about that after he infects all the humans with the X-gene I guess.

Well, this issue pretty much bulid up for the next couple of big ones. A lot of dialogue Nightcrawler and Prof. X head up to find Magneto, which works well. Warpath fighting an alligator as the action scene...odd. and Masque infecting humans for.....nope don't get that etheir. And I thought Strom claustrophobia was dealt with a loong time ago. Larroca's art was okay this issue but his Storm looks weird and, the cover was ok BUT, Nightcrawler is nowhere the tunnels! False advertisement!

Story: 2.5/5
Art: 3/5
Cover: 2.5/5

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