August 29, 2007

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Catwoman #70: Life during Wartime
Publisher: DC
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: David Lopez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez

Catwoman tries to prevent Magda (an amazonian terrorist) from dentonating a bio bomb which would wipe out Gotham. As She wrestles the bomb away from the amazon, she thinks of her daughter and, to make matters worse the cops are shooting at the two. If Magda drops the bomb it's all over. Catwoman manages to tie the amazon's hands up as the bomb is in the air. She catches it and stops t from going off but those damn cops shoot Magda in the head. She says she saved the city but they comment on how she knew she was the one that stole the bomb in the first place, was working with the amazonians and that she's an accomplice in Detective Lenahan's murder and their arresting her. Then in the coolest way possible, she realizes she has the bomb and leverage tells them that they WILL let her escape and they won't follow her.

Rena and Larra are back in the alley, with Larra needing some sisterly love, Rena says sacrifices must be made and kills her. Cops blame Catwoman and Rena moves back to Amazonian base where the leader chews her out for the failure with the bomb. Rena asks if they should be joining the other amazons in D.C. . The leader tells Rena she has to take of Catwoman.

As Selina relaxes with the paper, she heads out to find anything of value at the amazon base. Oracle calls her that one of the bana, Magda has gone missing and has info about a master hacker searching for Catwoman but the search terms changed to Selina Kyle. She asks Oracle if the hacker (Magda) can listen to the conversation, then asks if she could call Wayne Manor. At home with her daughter Helena, Selina vows to end her involvement in the war as she wait for Magda.

She comes in, seeing Selina sleeping and heads for Helena. Selina runs to the bedroom and triggers te gas bomb inside "Helena", stunning her allowing Selina to beat her up saying it would have been a fair fight if she just attacked her and not gone after her. After beating Magda senseless with a hammer, she calls Alfred and says she'll pick up Helena tomorrow morning. J'onn J'onzz (aka Martian Manhunter stops by and disables the cycaide tooth in Magda's mouth and he takes her and leaves. Selina thinks of the near disasters with Angle Man, Hammer, Sickle and, Flim Freak while she drives out of Gotham with Helena in the back seat.

Wow, this is a nice book I think I love Pfeifer. He hits Selina dead on, I've re-read from #43 and I'm sorry I haven't been on board from day one. With this insaner-than-usual going through Selina's life with her friends and child is heartbreaking, this issue was a-ok but the "putting the child in danger" sthick is getting to me. Lopez's pencils are great, especially the fight scenes. Catwoman, you have my attention. And Hughes' cover for this is so...blah

Story: 3/5
Art: 4/5
Cover: 1.5/5

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