August 29, 2007

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Amazing Spider-Man #543: Back In Black, part 5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: J. Micheal Straczynski
Artist: Ron Garney
Inker: Bill Reinhold

Pete talks to Aunt May telling her about the blood transfusion he gave her last issue to help with her with the wound, while MJ sleeps in chair outside. During the day, MJ asks the nurse about any changes. The nurse replies they are doing blood tests right. When in her office, Pete takes the file and tells MJ about finding out there was no change to her condition because her body built up an immunity (wow) and, MJ invites a priest over for possible last rites, will and funeral. At the police station, they assume that the shooting was deliberate. Peter and MJ discuss about what they'll do with Aunt May...what she would want them to do if she's really dead,

Meanwhile one of the detective's at the police station look over the report about the shooting investigates about May's shooting.When he arrives at the hospital, he question the nurse taking car of May. The nurse explains her birth certificate was her I.D., MJ's been with her 24/7, her blood has changed with levels of radiation and comments about Peter, giving her opinion on what she thinks happened (with an interesting re-enactment). Then says they lied about filling out a police report and they've been paying with cash, which the detective says they might be keeping May quiet to avoid running up the bill and by lying on the form and not filling the report, that's a felony.

He goes to the room while Peter and MJ try to figure out what to do next. Peter's spider-sense alerts him about Detective Delint. He tries to get in the room but Peter switches out the lights darkening the room. Delint handcuffs MJ to the doorknob, the Peter appears( covered by shadows) and wants MJ let go. When the detective tells him to get on the ground, Pete knocks him out and he and MJ transport May to another hospital. Peter breaks into a scrub locker room and steals clothes as MJ lies to get forms for May's transfer, then Pete steals an ambulance and sneaks May, MJ on route to the hospital. After May's admitied into the hospital, MJ asks Peter what's going to happen now. He tries to re-assure her that everything will be fine but he's thinking abut the crimes he committed and what he can do to end his personal nightmare.

Not bad. This is most a point A to point B issue for the "One More Day" and "Brand New Day" arcs which change Spidey's status quo, which has me VERY upset. Despite a very few miniorityold school readers against the marriage, I (like others) grew up with it. He doesn't need some life altering decision to make everyone happy, Aunt May "near death" is annoying to me, it had more meaning when we thought she was really gone. Instead we got that horrible recon. JMS does a good job of pacing with the issue and Garney's pencils are ok (He does capture Peter's anger in an interesting way) but I still hate looking at them and the cover.

Story: 3.5/5
Art: 3/5
Cover: 2.5/5

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