December 29, 2007

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Amazing Spider-Man #545 : One More Day part 4
Writer: J. Micheal Straczysnki & Joe Quesada
Artist: Joe Quesada
Inker: Danny Miki

Well, here it is the conclusion of One More Day and with obivous bias, this was horrible, it starts off from SSM #24 with Peter and MJ contenplating Mephisto's offer to save Aunt May's life. She should have stayed dead since ASM #400, her death worked, gave her the proper sendoff and made Peter move on. Peter and MJ deliberate when said-devil pops in, claiming time's up for May. MJ says she wants Peter's ID secret and offers Mephisto something. Mephisto showcases the lady in red and Peter and MJ potenial child (now erased) Then continuity is F******. Peter wakes up in his Aunt old home and heads off to party..on his bike. He runs into Flash & co. while seeing MJ, who is pissed at him for some reason. The party is for...-drum roll- HARRY OBSBORN! While he introduces Peter to his gal pals, MJ leaves the party. Then everyone raises their glasses for a BRAND NEW DAY!
Oh boy......................................

Yeah, I hated it. Horrible in every sense of the world. For someone who re-read Peter's life during the 70's and 80's this doesn't do anything except making me feel it's 1970 agian.Some of the best SM stories happened because of said. This doesn't jus affec SM Universe, if affects the WHOLE Marvel universe. Try Giant Sized Avengers to see the change: Peter acting like the teen self. MJ acted so out of character. Everyone knows MJ isn't irretating, selfish and whatever else Quesada tries to put on her.Quesada wasn't bad no by a long shot, it was very good. But that doesn't make up for killing 20+ years of comic Needless to say this is LAST issue I'm reading of ASM until they fix this. BND my ass!

Story: 2.5/5
Art: 3/5
Cover: 4.5/5

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