August 29, 2007

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Birds of Prey #109: Stone Cold Knockout
Publisher: DC
Writer: Tony Berdard
Artist: Nicola Scott

The issue starts out with Barbra and Diana talking about her soon to-be marriage to Green Arrow with flashbacks about their first meetings with Mr. Clueless (-snort-)

Knockout and Vandal Savage are cozy in a rundown motel until Savage tries to joke about her fight with Barda. Knockout doesn't take it well and storms out.

Barda talks with her hubby Scott about said fight. He warns her that someone is killing off the new gods as he secretly watches her outside the apartment. Misfit teleports into her apartment begging for help because Diana's kid, Sin is annoying her with Pokemon trading cards(HAHA) as Diana and Babs continue their conversation inside the dinning room. Then the funniest conversation in the book between Barda and Sin starts. Someone eyes Barda but gets taken out by Knockout (o_0 rhymes) but the mystery man reveals he wanted her, Knockout all along. She recognizes him, freaks out and gets blown off the roof of the building, the man catches her as Barda and the others hear the explosion and Savage tries to call her as she races down the street in her car (isn't that illegal?)

Diana and Babs finish conversation with Babs asks Diana , if she'll say yes. Diana says she's unsure but wants Babs to her maid of honor (awwww..). Sin rushes in saying something happened . Misfit and Barda reach the scene below viewing Knockout's dry blooded corpse. As Barda calls Scott, Savage drives right by the mess and eyes Barda.

Huh, this is a marriage/Countdown tie in and it takes place before Black Canary's mini. If anyone can take over after Gail Simone's run, it's Tony. KEEP HIM ON THE DAMN BOOK! But doesn't he write like 5 other books for DC? Whatever they are paying him, DOUBLE IT! The New Gods dying like flies doesn't matter because Grant Morrision is bringing them back like nothing happened. I was kind of surprised that Babs was playing devil's advocate because while Ollie may be a flirt and, she wants to look out for her best bud, he wouldn't mess this one up..would he? Scott's pencils worked in the issue and Roux's covers continue to amaze me

Story: 3/5
Art: 3/5
Cover 4/5

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